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The #1 Carpet & Flooring Supplier for Television, Film & Photography. Est. 1918
I've used E Mills for YEARS - they are so helpful and so reliable - always my first port of call for flooring for film production.

Jenny Selden

Our company

A family run business established in 1918

E.Mills & Son (Linoleum) Ltd. Founded by Edwin Mills in 1918, Is a family run business that dates back 4 generations that predominantly supplies & fits flooring to the Television & Film Industry. With years of experience in the industry we take great pride in going the extra mile for our clients, long standing or new, we provide a personable knowledgeable service to everyone…

Our History

From Shepherd's Bush Market to TV & Film

Edwin Mills (Founder) was an ex-serviceman who returned home in 1918 after fighting in WW1. Like many others at the time, when the war was over, there were not many jobs or opportunities for ex-serviceman in England. However In 1918 the Shepherds Bush Market was reopened and soldiers returning from the Western Front were offered stalls to help restart their lives.

Fast forward a generation…. Edwin Mills’ son, Edwin Mills Jr. began to work with the BBC in the 1960s, who were just around the corner from the stall at the time. It was then that we started to build up a working relationship with the Television & Film industry.

Since then Barry Mills, Chelsey Mills & Nick Mills made that relationship flourish into what we have today and turning E.Mills & Son into the UK’s leading carpet & flooring suppliers to Television & Film...

Present Day

A New Home on the Sarum Complex, Uxbridge

After 102 years of history in Shepherds Bush Market we recently moved to Uxbridge on the Sarum Complex and are continuing to carry on the E.Mills legacy in our new happy home.